Job Description

Are you dreaming of a Bora Bora vacation that you know will never happen because you can’t afford it? Can’t buy that house or car that you want because it’s “not in the budget?” How about sending your child to college or to that really cool summer camp? Oh, that’s “not in the budget” either? Forget that! Stop living on a set budget due to working in jobs that pay only a base hourly pay or salary! If you want to have more control of your income, you need to be in sales.


It’s not for everyone though. Big paychecks require big motivation and personal drive. Some people simply are not comfortable doing outside sales and that’s OK, this isn’t for you. But If you want uncapped commissions and the ability to control your income, this role is for you.


At Carlton, we won’t sugarcoat the job, but here’s what we WILL do:

  • Make it fun! 
  • Reward your achievements with awards, prizes, incentive trips and, most important – MONEY!
  • Teach you how to sell using a proven sales process and methodology.
  • Show you exactly what to do within your own control to make the money you want to make.
  • Make seasoned salespeople better.
  • Provide ongoing coaching.
  • Provide you the resources you need to win.
  • Listen to your challenges and create solutions together.
  • Provide structure and processes for sustained success.
  • Make you part of our outstanding sales team!


We can’t teach you to have personal drive but we can teach you everything else you will need to be successful. Interested in at least learning more? Apply Now!